Goa Trip : Part 2

playful-kidsSo We reached Goa and all of these adults were so tired .. I don’t know why exactly, because we were sleeping most of the time .. I mean I and SJ slept a lot for sure .. I was so excited to explore Goa and it begun from our stay..it was a lovely place and I already saw a play area where I could see so many toys.. I was pretty excited ..it was so late and so we all just slept.AGAIN…
I knew I will be able to get into a lot of water in Goa .. till now it’s just been my baby tub. I did not know what to expect but next day morning What I saw was unbelievable.. there was so much water. I heard SJ calling it as Infinity pool but whatever it was … I could not stop smiling.
So I was all ready to jump in the water but all I could get was to get my feet wet:(
“Don’t worry .. you have just arrived,” I said to myself.On the same day we went to a place called beach and that was something totally unbelievable.. there was water everywhere..there were no limits to my happiness.. and suddenly it started raining so heavily that made me laugh even more.. imagine all you have is Water everywhere.. it was very windy and my mom suddenly took me to a shade . I thought she will change my clothes and we will get in the water but next what happened was totally unexpected. She made me wear a full sleeve sweater and then a raincoat. While I was dreaming of posing in bikini and playing in the sand, my mom covered me from top to toe. All my dreams were shattered. I could not even touch the water. Everyone was taking turns to stay with me in that jail for few minutes and they were going to the sea .. that moment I realize why everyone says you should never go to GOA with your parents… Beware all todds and especially my infant friends..if your parents are making Goa plans.. do every possible thing to cancel it. I decided that day .. I will never play in the sand again and till now I don’t even let my shoes touch the sand.. every time we go to the beach (which we have been a lot). I make sure I am hanging around my mom’s neck to remind her my First GOA experience. She thinks I have OCD about the cleanliness which I have to an extent but no sand means no sand:)

So finally the wind and the coziness led me to a great sleep and then we went to the pool in the evening which was fun.
SJ and I posed for so many pictures together:) there were a lot of sunbeds and my mom expected me to pose .. I did not want to but for her sake, I finally did;)Afterall I got my new sunglasses too.
Next day I went to the play area and there were so many toys and so many books .. I liked it so much. Mom, though she can leave me with the babysitter, as soon as she was about to leave I used the same trick. I CRIED.. she is easy to manipulate and she picked me up;) mission successful.
An evening we went to a restaurant which had their specialty in fish. Till then I did not know that we can eat fish too..again it was a new experience for me. while I heard SJ ordering some strange but interesting fishes, it was my mom’s turn to order and what happened next is something I will never forget.
She asked the guy if they serve anything vegetarian. YES!! How embarrassing is that.. how could you even ask for vegetarian food at a place which is so-called famous for FISH. I could not handle it and I choose the best way out…I started crying ..crying so bad that mom dad had to leave.and when they came back, I pretended to be asleep..although I have got used to of this now.
So overall there were lots of ups and downs but I learned so much on this trip. I played, being loved, I saw so much water and many more new things during this trip.. my parents have been a little overprotective during this whole trip but maybe because this was the first trip.. so let it be .. I spent so much time with SJ and SM along with Mumma and papa.. and I totally loved it.. I am looking forward for more traveling with them and to see many more new things.
P.s. don’t expect too much from your parents especially on your first trip.. they will be very protective and will not let you do everything but they will learn.So be Impatient and cry when things are out of control:) Happy traveling buddies..




  1. Dear little one . What a clever little chap you are ! The next time you want to ruin your mum’s meal at a fancy restaurant , ask to be taken to the toilet. That way she can spend the entire meal In a 5 star toilet !
    I look forward to more of your naughty tales .

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