Goa Trip: Part 1

Our much awaited trip was about to begin… everybody was busy packing and my mom as usual packed 100 times more than what was actually needed..

I sincerely tried to reason with them…that IF you want to travel with me, do it MY way! But when have parents ever listened?mmm..

Oh By the way have I introduced you to my buddies yet? World, meet SJ and SM.Ya Ya!! I know ..I can’t use their real names on social media.Ya guys ..This generation is so weird. But They’re fun. But most importantly,I love to sleep on their cozy and comfy shoulders so much.

“So Mumbai to Goa is a long Drive and I love long drives”- That’s what I heard mom say. And I just knew that this means, I’ll get plenty of time to play in the car.

Goa post 2.1

We started from Mumbai at around …ummmm… I don’t know what time it was. I mean aren’t you expecting a little too much detail from a 6 month old ! *rolling eyes*

So as soon as we started the journey, everybody got hungry. I heard papa saying ‘Vada pav’ so many times that I got curious to see what this exotic sounding food really is! They stopped the car and got some vada pav… and before I could even take a proper look Papa had gobbled down two.

Like any normal vacationer, I thought it’s a holiday and I too will get a chance to eat something fun every now and then.

But my Mom bullied me. She did not even let me taste it. I was smart enough to realize immediately that on this holiday too I’ll have to make do with milk and no special treats.

But let me tell you a secret guys! When your mom bullies you into having only milk… Simply throw a tantrum! Keep crying so they think that you are still hungry. And the sooner you start playing this game the better it is…I say do it from the day you land on this planet into your parents’ arms.

Ufff with all this food talk I’m now craving for vada pav…

Anyway the drive was looooong… I never imagined that we will spend the whole day in the car…but  I surely enjoyed it. Although I don’t know why my mom was tired! I played so much with SJ…we both love shoes… so I asked her so many questions about her shoes but I think she is still too young to understand all this.

During the journey we stopped the car several times and I saw so many green tall things…they’re called ‘trees’ I guess? All I remember was everyone had phones and they kept  taking photos and I’m quite a power myself.

Wait, did you think I don’t know what a phone is and how pictures are  taken? C’mon, don’t take us babies to be ignorant. Even the newborns know all this!!

But guess what…while everyone was busy clicking and posing, Papa was just enjoying the scenery and the wind. I even caught him smiling for a moment, as the wind touched his hair and he closed his eyes. I still don’t know why he smiled. When I tried to do copy him, it was too late…time to get back on the road again.

While the windows were open I pretended to be asleep.. but I was feeling the wind.. just like papa did 😉

This was an amazing journey and now I know why Mom loves long drives…and I love them too.

Tip of the day:Traveling with parents has its own challenges. That’s a no-brainer. But the real trick is in continuously crying to get all the attention.

What happened once we reached Goa..oh fellow babies…I have so many stories to tell!

Wait for my next post.. Till then Keep eating CHEESE:)

P.S. I have started going to a place called School, so I am very busy these days. Also, I have a new stuffed toy- A Dog .. .I am going to play with him because he’s missing me. Tata!

July 2016



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