My First Holiday Planning

I am two years old and we are a family of three kids. I am the oldest, my mom is somewhere in the middle and my father is the youngest in the family.

I’ve heard that the middle ones are always the calmest of the lot, but I think that’s true only in books…

Never mind! So I’m not entirely sure if I like to travel or not, but I do know that I have traveled way too much in the past two years. And so I thought of sharing my experience with all you newborns and toddlers out there so that you can avoid the classic mistakes I made!

Here begins my story…

I was born in Indore and as soon as I turned a month old, my mom packed our bags and took me to Dehradun. It was my first flight in life and I was going to meet my mom’s family for the very first time! I was super excited despite the fact that nobody really asked me if I wanted to go or not. My opinion is important afterall. Wouldn’t you agree?

Nevermind that. I really enjoyed that journey even though my mom was hell bent on making me sleep all the time! The lady just wouldn’t let me stay awake and tried every trick in the book to make me snooze.

Well, this was just the beginning.. and since then I haven’t stopped traveling.

Soon after, my first holiday was being planned and I thought it’s time to take charge of things. And so I decided the destination would be Goa. After all, even though I was just six months new in the world… I was old enough to take my life decisions and my parents had no option but to follow me . Two of my best buddies came along on the trip and Thank God they were around! It’s not as if I don’t enjoy the company of my parents. My dad is cool but my mom sure gets boring sometimes…shhh don’t tell her.

So you want to know what happened in Goa?…ok… But I’m sleepy and my teddy is also missing me. So I gotta go now and I will write more tomorrow. Watch this space for more about my adventure😊

And Yes my Dear friends, Don’t forget to take things under your control..Parents will be Parents. They love you the most but they don’t know the right thing;) keep eating cheese.

P.S. If you don’t like cheese,consider me as your enemy…..




  1. This one was so different from your usual!! Written like a child and very well described the thoughts of a kid!! With a dose of humour of course! I feel maybe some of it was you in your childhood…no? Is it going to be a series? Would love to read more!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Little daughter’s perspective but from your eyes! This sounds very interesting and cute too! I cant help but smile from appreciation right now 👏👏 i will wait for more

        Liked by 1 person

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